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他者的线上设计课堂 —数字时代建筑学(1)
The Other's Online Studio: Architecture in Digital Age (1)
ZHU Wenyi
摘要 2020年初中国抗击新冠肺炎期间,中国高校“上课不开学”,线上课堂全面开展。本文结合作者教授的建筑设 计课程,探讨了线上设计课堂呈现出的他者、声景、并行分布式等空间特征,认为这次线上设计课堂的实验将 促进建筑设计教学的未来变革。
关键词 线上设计课堂建筑学他者声景并行分布式    
Abstract:During fighting against COVID-19 in China at the beginning of 2020, teachers and students, "No Back to School", have still been at home. But they have fully been in online classrooms. Following the architectural design studios taught by the author, this article discusses 3 points about the online studio such as the other, soundscape, and distribution. It is believed that the experiment of this online studio will promote future changes in pedagogy of architectural design studio.
Key wordsOnline design studio    Architecture    The Other    Soundscape    Distribution
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