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江 斌
A Complex-Network Perspective on Alexander's Wholeness
摘要 本文以克里斯托弗·亚历山大设想和发展的整体理论为基础,从复杂网络的角度来理解整体理论,以更好地理解 秩序和美的本质;综合关于复杂性科学的学科,使亚历山大的理论更容易被设计师和复杂性科学研究者理解; 同时也为亚历山大关于精细或深层结构中存在的整体性或客观美感的思想带来了新的见解。整体性或整体性理 论超越了当前复杂的网络理论,为设计和创造有生命的空间结构提供了平台。
关键词 中心理论分形几何克里斯托弗·亚历山大头尾分割    
Abstract:Based on the theory of Christopher Alexander, this paper develops a complex network perspective on the wholeness to better understand the nature of order or beauty for sustainable design. The author brings together a set of complexity-sci- ence subjects in order to make Alexander's profound thoughts more accessible to design practitioners and complexi- ty-science researchers, make it better understand how the kind of structural beauty emerges. The wholeness goes beyond current complex network theory towards design or creation of living structures.
Key wordsTheory of centers    Fractal geometry    Christopher Alexander    Head/tail breaks    Beauty
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