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“同一屋檐下” —四川彭州小石村建筑设计实践
"Live Together under One Roof": Series Architecture Design Projects of Xiaoshi Village in Pengzhou, Sichuan Province
Studio Dali Architects
摘要 我们最本能的想法:营造一个“包容一切活动的瓦屋顶”,藉此去连接诗性的传统与互联的未来社区。既营造 了“同一屋檐下”的一种身份认同,又让人们走出来,让行为发生,从空间层面进行软性的公共治理,从而逐 渐孵化出未来的乡村社区模型。
关键词 屋檐未来乡村社区公共空间    
Abstract:Our instinct idea is to do soft improvement from the aspect of space: To build one tile roof to contain all the activities, which will attract people to go out and interact, and also connect the poetic tradition with interlinked future community. A new identity of ‘Live Together under One Roof’ is then created and will gradually incubate a model rural community for the future.
Key wordsRoof    Rural community for the future    Public space
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