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Coronavirus Design Diary
Tim Stonor
摘要 笔者一直在撰写《疫情设计日记》,内容涉及设计如何帮助支持全球范围内暴发的新冠肺炎疫情所带来的新生 活方式。在5个议题中,文章讨论涵盖了一系列建筑和城市设计问题,包括办公空间的布局、城市交通的新形式 和街道的重新设计。笔者谈及2020年人类生活和行为方式将可能面临的变化,包括学习方式,与他人交流的方 式,甚至涉及我们对时间和空间的理解。这些变化中有些是显而易见的,有些是不容易注意到的,有些是暂时 的,有些则是持续而深远的。
关键词 疫情设计日记新冠肺炎空间句法生活方式    
Abstract:The author has been writing a "Coronavirus Design Diary" about the ways in which design can help to support the new ways of living brought about by the global outbreak of the COVID-19 virus in 2020. In his frst fve entries he covers a range of architectural and urban design issues, including the layout of ofce spaces, new forms of urban mobility and the redesign of streets. He writes about the way the 2020 is triggering changes in human life and behaviour, including ways of learning, ways of communicating with others, and even involving our understanding of time and space. Some of these changes are obvious, some are not easily noticeable, some are temporary, and more are continuous and far-reaching.
Key wordsCoronavirus design diary    COVID-19    Space Syntax    The new ways of living
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