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杨艺瑶 朱文一
A Preliminary Study of Western Happy Street Theory
YANG Yiyao, ZHU Wenyi
摘要 快乐街道是城市中精心设计的、受欢迎的、安全和包容的公共空间,是快乐城市的情感基础设施,常常以小规 模的、 简单的、经济高效的干预措施对城市和公共场所产生巨大影响,改善人的社交关系,并且能够显著的 增强城市居民的幸福感。
关键词 快乐街道公共空间战术干预城市设计快乐街道理论    
Abstract:Happy Street is a well-designed, popular, safe and inclusive public space in the city. It is the emotional infrastructure of Happy City. It often has a huge impact on cities and public places with small-scale, simple, and cost-efective interven- tions. Improve people's social relationships, and can signifcantly enhance the happiness of urban residents.
Key wordsHappy Streets    Public space    Tactical intervention    Urban design    Happy Streets Theory
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