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江 斌
Is Living Structure Beauty's Temperature ?
摘要 生命结构是一种物理现象和数学概念,以之为评判标准可以客观地衡量建筑物或手工制品的质量。生命结构之 于美,正如温度之于温暖。就像树一样,一个有生命的结构有两个明显的特性:“ 小的东西比大的东西多得多”(所 谓的幂律定律) ,范围覆盖了从最小到最大的所有尺度;“或多或少相似的东西”( 所谓的托布勒定律),每一 种尺度都适用。通过这15 种结构特性,只有通过两种设计原则( 分化和适应),才能循序渐进地形成生命结构。
关键词 生命结构第三空间观整体性生命    
Abstract:Living structure is a physical phenomenon and mathematical concept, through which the quality of buildings or artifacts can be judged objectively. Living structure is to beauty what temperature is to warmness. Just like a tree, a living structure has two distinguishing properties: “far more small things than large ones” (so called scaling law) across all scales from the smallest to the largest, and “more or less similar things” (so called Tobler’s law) on each scale. Living structure can be only generated in some step by step fashion by two design principles (differentiation and adaptation) through the 15 structural properties.
Key wordsLiving structure    Third view of space    Wholeness    Life    Beauty
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