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从“水景”到“水城” —临港新城再城市化教学实验
蔡永洁 黄 纳 许 凯
From Water Landscape to Water Town: Teaching Experiment for Re-Urbanization of Lingang New Town
CAI Yongjie, HUANG Na, XU Kai
摘要 在2020年同济大学本科毕业设计中,课题组选择上海临港新城作为研究对象,分析城市活力不足、产业创新力 不足背后的空间原因,通过在滴水湖上塑造城市核心,进行了一次针对当代中国新城再城市化改造的教学实 验。实验从宏观的城市结构重塑出发,深入到中微观层面的街区建构,以期营造出结构清晰、密度高、尺度 小、功能混合、空间类型多样且和谐的城市滨水空间,使临港新城转型为能承载创新型经济活动和市民日常生 活的未来水世界1新城。
关键词 临港新城再城市化水城街区    
Abstract:Focused on building a core area on Drip Lake in Shanghai, the teaching experiment on the re-urbanization of new towns in China was carried out for graduation design of Tongji University in 2020. Based on analyzing spatial reasons why lack of urban vitality and industrial innovation, the experiment started from remolding the urban structure in macroscopic scale, and went into constructing urban block at the medium and micro level. It was tried to create a clear, high-density, smallscale, mixed-function, diversified and harmonious waterfront space, so as to transform Lingang from water landscape to a new water town that can support innovative economic activities and the daily life of citizens.
Key wordsLingang new town    Re-urbanization    Water town    Urban block
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