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刘思吟 朱文一
The Space Observation of Nuit Blanche Festival in Taipei NanGang District
LIU Szuyin, ZHU Wenyi
摘要 台北市政府将南港区设定为新东区计划的重点区后,2020 年台北市的节庆活动开始落脚至南港区,缔造了南港 区的新印象。作为前导节庆活动。2020 年10 月白昼之夜应南港的台北流行音乐中心的落成,成为国际城市级 响应的白昼之夜,2021 年在南港车站至台北流行音乐中心的路段举办。白昼之夜作为台北市重要的现代艺术结 合灯光的节庆活动,融合了东西方文化并结合城市空间,因此,本研究将2020 年南港白昼之夜城市灯光空间 的分析主题。
关键词 台北南港节庆白昼之夜灯光节庆    
Abstract:Since the Taipei City Government set Nangang District as the key area in the new city development plan of East District Gateway project, Taipei City’s festivals and activities began to settle in Nangang District in 2020, it also created a new impression of Taipei City in Nangang District. And for the Nuit Blanche festival in October of the same year as the leading festival event. In October 2020, the Nuit Blanche was builtin response to the completion of the key construction of the Taipei Pop Music Center in Nangang, and the international city-level response Nuit Blanche is also selected this year on the road from Nangang Station to Taipei Pop Music Center. Nuit Blanche is an important modern art and lighting festival in Taipei, integrating Eastern and Western cultures and integrating urban space. Therefore, this research will focus on Nuit Blanche Nangang in 2020 as the analysis theme of the urban lighting space.
Key wordsTaipei City    Nangang District    Festival    Event    Nuit Blanch    Lighting festival
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