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行动导向的总体城市设计方法探索 —以义乌为例
袁海琴 朱子瑜 叶 芊
An Exploration on the Method of Action-oriented General Urban Design: A Case Study of Yiwu, China
YUAN Haiqin, ZHU Ziyu, YE Qian
摘要 总体城市设计在中国城市实践近30 年来,编制内容、技术路线与实施途径等均有不同的进展与变化。转型背景下, 由于城市面临的风貌、管理等现实问题,希望依托总体城市设计,积极主动地引导城市空间风貌塑造和提升的诉求 日益强烈。本文探索了行动导向的总体城市设计思路和方法:由被动管控转向主动作为,适应强政府的行动逻辑和 需求,显化公众声音凝聚成为行动共识;改变“规划编制—实施行动”的单向思维,转向编行互动的编制思路,并 聚焦在结构和要素两个层面的重点内容上;从注重静态成果转向关注行动过程,直接介入重点双修工程,编制行动 导向的设计导则间接接入管理行为过程,以实现意图落实。本文结合义乌案例进行了具体的实践和探索。
关键词 行动导向总体城市设计义乌    
Abstract:The general urban design has been practiced in Chinese cities for nearly 30 years. Its compilation content, technical routes and implementation methods have developed, progressed and changed in many ways. In the context of urbanization transformation, owing to the realities about city landscape and management, the government's initiative to use overall urban design to guide shaping and enhancing cityscape is growing strongly. This paper explores the ideology and methods of action-oriented general urban design. The first is to change from passive control to active action, so as to serve the behavior logics and needs of the powerful government, and to reach social consensus from manifesting and agglomerating the public voice. The second is to change from the one-way thinking of ‘planning guides implementation’ to the idea of ‘integrate planning and implementation’, and emphasize the key content of city structure and urban features. The third is to change from focusing on merely static planning outcomes to the overall planning-and-implementation process, and directly intervene in focal projects of urban repair and ecological rehabilitation, and indirectly make access to urban management by complying with the urban design guidelines, so as to realize the value of general urban design. We have made long-time practice and significant progress in the Yiwu Overall Urban Design Project, by practicing the above urban design philosophy.
Key wordsAction-oriented    General urban design    Yiwu, China
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