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探索居民自主合作更新改造的机制和模式 ——天津多层老旧小区人居品质提升的路径
霍 兵 刘 薇 张 娜
The Exploration of the Mechanism and the Models of Residents Autonomously Collaborate Renewal: The Way to Living Quality Promotion in Tianjin Old Residential Areas
摘要 随着城市转型进入存量时代,老旧小区人居环境如何得到真正的提升改善成为新课题。不同于传统的以外部环境为重点的老旧小区综合整治,本文重点着眼于老旧小区多层住宅内部功能和品质的提升。通过采取老旧小区人口疏解、老旧住宅户均和人均居住建筑面积增加、住宅户型功能改善等措施,促进居民自主合作更新改造意识形成,探索多层老旧小区更新改造的新路径。同时,厘清各方责任,构建老旧小区规划管理的规则和公共治理的长效机制。
关键词 老旧小区人居标准居民自主合作更新    
Abstract:As the urban transformation enters the new era, the truly upgrade of the living environment in existing residential areas has become a main task. Differing from the comprehensive renovation of the outer environment in the old residential areas in common, this paper focuses on the improvement of the functions and qualities of the inner space of the residential units as the breakthrough points. By taking the population relief in the old residential areas and increasing the floor area per unit and per capita thus, this paper, promoting the residents' awareness of autonomously collaborate renewal, constructs a new path for the independent regeneration of the old residential buildings. Meanwhile, it clarifies the responsibilities of all parties and explores the long-term mechanism for the resident autonomous management as well as building permit regulations of the old residential areas.
Key wordsOld Residential Areas    Quality of Human Settlement    Autonomously Collaborate Renewal
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