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基于韧性理念的老旧小区改造探索与实践 ——以广州市彩虹街周门片区老旧小区改造为例
骆建云 曹彦萱
Exploration and Practice of Renovation of Old Communities Based on Resilience Concept: A Case Study on Renovation of Old Communities in Zhoumen Area, Caihong Sub-district, Guangzhou
LUO Jianyun, CAO Yanxuan
摘要 随着现代城市发展所面临的城市安全与公共健康风险的凸显,塑造城市社区韧性变得愈发重要。老旧小区作为城市韧性建设的短板,亟待通过城市更新改造,促进城市的整体提升。社区韧性的形成还须兼顾社区的空间设施体系和服务管理自治,建设韧性社区可更好地构建完整社区。本文以广州市旧城区的老旧社区改造实践为例,提出老旧小区改造的韧性提升行动框架和实施流程,并将其应用在具体项目的实施中,从保障人居安全、优化市政配套、促进老幼友好、营造弹性空间、完善配套服务、建设智慧社区、提升服务自治等方面进行实践探索并取得明显成效。希望该研究为我国老旧小区的韧性改造提供有益参考。
关键词 韧性社区完整社区老旧小区改造改造策略    
Abstract:As the urban safety and public health risks faced by modern urban development become more prominent, building the resilience of urban communities has become increasingly important. As the short board of urban resilience construction, old communities urgently need to promote the overall improvement of the city through urban renewal. The formation of community resilience also needs to take into account the community’s space facility system and service management autonomy. Building resilient communities can better build Integrated communities. This paper takes the old community renovation practice in the old urban area of Guangzhou as an example, and proposes the resilience improvement action framework and implementation process of the old community renovation, which is reflected in the implementation of specific projects. This practice has carried out practical explorations from the aspects of ensuring human settlements, optimizing municipal facilities, promoting old and young friendliness, creating flexible spaces, improving supporting services, building smart communities, and improving service autonomy, and has achieved remarkable results. It is hoped that this study can provide a useful reference for the renovation of old residential communities in China.
Key wordsResilient community    Integrated community    Renovation of old residential communities    Renovation strategy
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