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Research on the Construction of Index System for Residential Appearance Space Quality in China and Its Application in Pingdingshan
ZHAO Huimin, LONG Ying
摘要 总结归纳国际住房外观空间质量评估工具,结合中国本土背景,构建中国居住区外观空间质量指标体系,并结合安居客居住区视频/实景图像等数据,利用虚拟审计方法评估平顶山中心城区的273个居住区外观空间质量,为后续相关研究奠定基础。
关键词 居住区;外观空间质量安居客虚拟审计平顶山    
Abstract:Summarizing the international housing appearance space quality assessment tools, combined with the local background of China, this paper constructs the index system of the appearance space quality of Chinese residential areas, and objectively assessments the appearance space quality of 273 residential areas in the central urban area of Pingdingshan by using the video/image data of residential areas from Anjuke and the virtual audit method, so as to lay a foundation for the follow-up related research.
Key wordsResidential areas    Appearance space quality    Anjuke    Virtual audit    Pingdingshan
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