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刘瓅珣 Robin Hickman
Exploring Rail Transit Impact on Urban Regeneration and the Disparate Concerns of Participating Stakeholders
LIU Lixun, Robin HICKMAN
摘要 本文以重庆市为案例,选取城市轨道交通网络初步形成前后6年的时段作为研究区间,通过轨道通车前后时间对比、不同站点对照研究,探索轨道交通因素对站点所在地区城市更新对人口及就业方面的影响。研究表明,轨道交通投资能有效促进站点周边地区的城市更新,使城市老旧街区不仅在物质空间建设上,同时在就业上有所增长。但轨道交通投资需要与其他影响因素共同作用,以发挥其促进作用。通过深度访谈,将各利益相关者对轨道交通影响城市更新的态度与客观数据进行对比,探讨如何通过协同各方权利与兴趣,使公共投资的效益最大化,建立全面的轨道交通投资社会影响评估机制,保障弱势群体在公共投资带动下的城市更新过程中享有公平的利益分配。
关键词 轨道交通城市更新站点区域老旧街区社会公平性    
Abstract:The aim of this paper focuses on understanding the multiple indirect impacts of a metro investment. Intensive interviews were also carried out to explore what discrepancies in power and interest may impede the value uplift from the transport investment in the long run. The main findings are as follows: First, rail transit played a role in facilitating developments in less developed areas. Second, this research demonstrates the synergistic effects of combining spatial urban development strategies and associated planning interventions with rail transit investment. Third, a critical question of benefit distribution associated with transit investment has been raised. Reflections are made on policies and planning interventions which might be introduced to achieve greater social equity in impacts.
Key wordsRail transit    urban regeneration    station catchment areas    old neighborhood    social equity
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