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置轻于重:存量更新导向城市设计方法初探 ——以东营科教园片区规划设计为例
李 君 刘 涛 苏海威 林嘉敏
Overcome Hardness by Softness: A Preliminary Study on Urban Design Method Guided by Stock Renewal: Taking the Design of Dongying Science and Education Park as an Example
LI Jun, LIU Tao, SU Haiwei, LIN Jiamin
摘要 我国城市更新工作进入新阶段,面临目标、方法、路径等多重转变,存量更新属性的片区规划设计须经济、社会、生态价值并重,既要坚持生态优先、历史文脉传承等规划设计的基本价值,又要适应实施“多路径融合”的融资模式,保障项目落地的资金需求。本文通过东营科教园片区城市设计项目的规划实践,探索通过将融资模式的制约条件前置,与城市设计价值取向相融合的更新型地区规划设计方法,促进设计方案与实施路径的精准对接,提升规划的可实施性。
关键词 城市更新城市设计实施导向东营科教园    
Abstract:The urban renewal work in our country has entered a new stage, facing multiple changes in objectives, methods and paths. The planning and design of the area with the attribute of stock renewal needs to pay equal attention to economic, social and ecological values. It is necessary to adhere to the basic values of planning and design such as ecological priority and historical context inheritance, and also adapt to the financing mode of “multi-path integration” in the implementation to ensure the funding needs of the project implementation. Through the planning practice of the urban design project in the Dongying Science and Education Park area, this paper explores a new regional planning and design method that integrates the constraints of the financing model with the value orientation of urban design, promotes the precise connection between the design scheme and the implementation path, and improves the feasibility of the planning.
Key wordsUrban renewal    Urban design    Implementation orientation    Dongying Science and Education Park
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