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恽 爽
Operation Preposition Promotes Urban Renewal Planning Implementation
YUN Shuang
摘要 随着我国城市发展全面进入存量更新阶段,在“高质量发展”的整体要求下,城市更新正在从单纯物质空间改善向综合品质提升转变,新一轮的城市有机更新,不能只是单纯的空间环境的改造提升,还得注入“内容”并使之长久保持活力,以契合人们追求美好生活的愿景。结合目前城市更新规划实施中普遍存在的“需求偏差”“活力不足”“参与不够”等现实困境,提出在治理思维下,为了探索有限更新资源精准投放、吸引多元市场主体积极参与,城市更新实施需要鼓励运营主体提前介入,策划功能业态组成,引导城市更新的规划设计,关注建设实施的全过程,为后续运营和持续焕发活力创造可能性,实现从“面向开发”转为“面向运营”。
关键词 高质量发展城市更新运营前置    
Abstract:As China’s urban development enters the stage of built-up area urban renewal, under the overall requirement of “high-quality development”, urban renewal is actively changing from purely physical space improvement to comprehensive quality enhancement, and the new round of urban organic renewal can not only be a mere upgrading of spatial environment, but also has to inject “content” and keep its vitality, in order to meet people’s vision of pursuing a better life. Taking into account the current difficulties of “demand deviation”, “lack of vitality” and “insufficient participation” in the implementation of urban renewal planning, this article proposes that under the mindset of governance, in order to explore the precise allocation of limited renewal resources and to attract the active participation of multiple market players, urban renewal implementation needs to encourage operators to join in advance, plan the composition of urban functional and business forms, guide the planning and design of urban renewal, and pay attention to the whole process of construction and implementation of the renewal, creating possibilities for subsequent operation and continuous revitalization, and shifting from “development-oriented” to “operation-oriented”.
Key wordsHigh-quality development    Urban renewal    Operation preposition
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