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新时期城市更新专项规划探索 ——以黄石试点为例
丁寿颐 骆 进 杨海峰 吝含伟 张玉婧 陈天钰
Exploration of Special Planning for Urban Renewal in the New Era: Taking Huangshi as an Example
DING Shouyi, LUO Jin, YANG Haifeng, LIN Hanwei, ZHANG Yuqian, CHEN Tianyu
摘要 实施城市更新行动是国家十四五规划的重要部署,是实现城乡高质量发展的重要抓手。区别于传统专项规划,新时期城市更新专项规划如何建立统筹谋划机制,目前尚未形成成熟完善的方式。文章以住房和城乡建设部第一批城市更新试点城市之一的黄石市为例,探索定目标、定结构、定项目、定指引的“四定”工作路径。黄石城市更新专项规划通过体检评估发现问题,形成城市整体的战略构想,转化为具体的项目库,并依托技术导则指导各层次的更新建设任务,进而发挥城市更新专项规划的空间统筹作用。
关键词 城市更新专项规划试点城市体检评估    
Abstract:The implementation of urban renewal is an important deployment of the 14th Five-Year Plan of China, and it is also an important starting point to realize the high-quality development of urban and rural areas. Different from the traditional special planning, how to establish the overall planning mechanism in the special planning of urban renewal in the new era has not yet formed a mature and perfect way. Taking Huangshi, one of the first urban renewal pilot cities of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, as an example, this paper explores the “four-set” working path of setting goals, structures, projects and guidelines. Through physical examination and evaluation, Huangshi’s special urban renewal plan found problems, formed the overall strategic conception of the city, and transformed it into a concrete project library. It relied on technical guidelines to guide the renewal construction tasks at all levels, and then played the role of spatial co-ordination of the special urban renewal plan.
Key wordsUrban renewal    Special planning    Pilot cities    Physical examination
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