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从仪式性走向日常性 ——上海浦东世纪广场空间转型的教学实验
蔡永洁 张智文 许 凯 王志军
From Rituality to Daily Life: Teaching Experiment for Spatial Transformation of Pudong Century Square in Shanghai
CAI Yongjie, ZHANG Zhiwen, XU Kai, WANG Zhijun
摘要 在2022年同济大学本科毕业设计中1,课题组选择上海浦东世纪广场作为研究对象,通过对空间的加密与重构,进行了一次针对当代中国新城空间从仪式性向日常性转型的教学实验。实验以形态类型学作为设计操作工具,针对世纪广场形式空洞、尺度失衡、活力缺失的空间问题,从宏观结构、中观街坊、微观建筑设计3种不同尺度,尝试对世纪广场及周边区域进行再城市化改造,以期营造出结构清晰、尺度宜人、功能混合的多样空间,使世纪广场从被仪式性精英建筑群控制的城市图形转型成真实的高密度、多样性、日常性的浦东城市新中心。
关键词 世纪广场空间转型日常性城市核心    
Abstract:In the 2022 graduation design of Tongji University, the teaching group chooses Century Square in Pudong New District of Shanghai as the object. Through the densification and reconstitution, the team carried out a teaching experiment aiming at the transformation of the space from rituality to daily life for contemporary China’s new cities. Using the morpho-typological operation tool and aiming at the spatial problems of the Century Square, such as formal emptiness, scale imbalance and lack of vitality, the team attempts to experiment a re-urbanizing process for Century Square and its surrounding areas from three different scales: spatial structure, urban blocks and architectural design, in order to create a variety of spaces with clear structure, friendly scale and mixed functions. Century Square could be transformed from an urban graph controlled by ritual elite buildings into a real urban core of high density, high diversity and daily life.
Key wordsCentury Square    Spatial Transformation    Daily Life    Urban Core
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