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比尔·希利尔 杨 滔
Structure or: Does Space Syntax Need to Radically Extend Its Theory of Spatial Configuration?
BilL Hillier, Tao Yang
摘要 本文首先通过案例说明“结构”尽管不算是最为明显的问题,却是空间句法中值得关注的问题。文章阐述了4种 空间类型的句法概念,并展示了如何通过定义和实验推导出4种结构类型。在推导过程中,使用了多种度量指 标对上述4种结构类型进行描述,包括整合度以及两个新的度量指标,即“局部选择”和“可遍历性”。然后 将对应类型的概念和指标计算方式应用在定义问题的案例中,结果表明该类型指标在识别和度量“结构”方面 非常有效。
关键词 结构类型局部选择可遍历性稳定性空间句法    
Abstract:The paper first shows, through examples, that ‘structure’ is a problem in space syntax, though not an obvious one. It then examines the current syntactic concept of four space types, and suggests that through definition and repetition we can derive four structure types. Comparative measures of the structure-types are shown, including integration, and two new ones, ‘local choice’ and ‘traversability’. The concepts and measures of the types are then taken back to the examples used to define the problem, and it is shown they work effectively to both identify and measure aspects of ‘structure’.
Key wordsStructure types    Local choice    Traversability    Stability    Space syntax
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