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露丝·道尔顿 尼克·S·道尔顿 山姆·麦克尔希尼 帕纳吉奥蒂斯·马夫罗斯
Isovist in a Grid: Benefits and limitations
Ruth Dalton, Nick S.Dalton, Sam Mc Elhinney, Panagiotis Mavros
摘要 本文旨在探寻不同类型的网格并扩展对等视域网格基本原理的研究,从而确定是否存在最优的网格类型以及 它的定义。我们首先讨论如何选择网格单元大小(等视域生成位置的间距),并通过一些实例展示在现实世 界的空间系统中网格的大小、方向及原点对空间句法计算结果产生的不同影响。由于正交网格通常无法与曲 线匹配,当建筑或城市空间包含曲面墙时,我们将展示正交网格所产生的特殊问题。本文讨论的另一个问题 是网格空间和孔径大小错配,这种情况通常发生在有小开口或走廊形状的空间(较大的网格会忽略这些空 间)。后半部分,我们将探索笛卡尔正交网格的替代方案,并提出一些可能的网格类型,然后介绍一种全新 的可见性图分析方法,我们称之为受限随机可见性图分析,或R-VGA。通过在一些测试用例中使用R-VGA 分析,我们将证明该分析方法相比于常用的、基于正方形网格的VGA分析的显著优势。最后,我们将提出一 个用于VGA及其衍生分析方法的分类法建议,从而形成一个完整的可见性分析类别。
关键词 等视域视觉关系分析网格非标准网格随机等视域    
Abstract:This paper aims to extend the investigation of the fundamentals of isovists grids to encompass a wider range of possible grids and hence determine whether there is an optimal grid type and, if so, what would it be. We initially discuss the problem of the selection of grid-spacing (or the interval between isovist generating locations) and will then show, with worked examples, how both the grid size, the orientation of the grid and the selection of its origin can produce variance in any resultant space syntax, i.e., relational, measures, when applied to real world spatial systems. We then go on to show how orthogonal grids can exhibit particular problems when the building or urban area contains curved walls, since the orthogonal grid often does not conform well to arbitrary curves. Another problem we discuss is that of small openings or narrow corridor-like spaces (often missed by larger grids) where there is a mis-match between the grid-spacing and aperture size. In the second half of this paper, we will explore alternative options to the cartesian, orthogonal grid, suggesting a number of alternative grid-types and then introduce a new form of visibility graph analysis that we are terming Restricted Randomised Visibility Graph Analysis, or R-VGA. By applying R-VGA analysis to some test cases, we demonstrate how this method of analysis has considerable advantages over the more commonly used, square-based grid of VGA analysis. Finally, we will present a new, proposed taxonomy, as an entire family of VGA and VGA-derived analyses.
Key wordsIsovists    Visibility graph analysis    Grids    Non-standard grids    Random isovists
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