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Developments in Space Syntax: Past, Present and Future
Kimon Krenz
摘要 本文就20世纪70年代后期开始到未来空间句法发展方向潜在的发展轨迹提出了见解。该领域过去的发展成果通 过空间句法领域的主要出版物、会议论文集以及研讨会的贡献进行总结。在对科学产出的关键趋势进行回顾 后,本文最后为该领域的未来发展提出了一系列的建议。
关键词 空间句法城市研究方法论发展开放科学    
Abstract:This paper provides insights into development directions in space syntax, from its inception in the late 1970s to potential future trajectories. Past developments are synthesized from key publications, conference proceedings, as well as seminar contributions in the field of space syntax. A review of critical trends in science production is used to conclude with a series of recommendations to progress the field in the future.
Key wordsSpace syntax    Urban research    Methodological developments    Open science
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