Urban Design
Urban Design in China: Where to Build, When to Build, What to Build
Jonathan Barnett, Stefan Al Translated by HUANG He (from English to Chinese)
Abstract:Urban design is emerging in China as a way to help implement important new government policy directives. For these innovations to be successful, China needs three sets of urban design directives. The largest-scale issue is where additional urbanization should be permitted, which relates to protection of the natural environment, preservation of food security, and management of climate change. The second urban design issue is the need to channel new development into urban land occupied by industrial and commercial uses that are no longer economic, thus reducing the pressures to continually expand cities. The third set of design issue concerns necessary changes in existing official development rule books to permit better relationships between the built and natural environments, preserve important historic districts, and create places that accommodate today’s lifestyles.
Key wordsUrban design guidelines    Ecological preservation    Urban landscape framework    Public open space framework    Changes to current land use and street design regulations
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