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朱小地 · 说
[受访人] 朱小地
[采访人] 傅隽声   王雪吟然
ZHU Xiaodi: TALK
[Interviewee] ZHU Xiaodi#br# [Interviewer] FU Junsheng, WANG Xueyinran#br# Tanslated by FU Junsheng (from Chinese to English)
[Interviewee] ZHU Xiaodi
[Interviewer] FU Junsheng, WANG Xueyinran
Tanslated by FU Junsheng (from Chinese to English)
摘要 第一部分 关于建筑与城市实践
Q1 能否请您谈谈建筑与城市的关系?
Q2 您理想中的城市形态是怎样的?您认为北京城的理想状态是什么样的?
Q3 我们知道您一直积极探索北京旧城的更新改造途径,也举办过多次相关展览。能否谈谈您对当前北京旧城改造的看法?
Q4 您主持设计了很多公共建筑,能否谈谈您在设计中如何考虑城市空间的营造?
Q5 您与艺术家有过多次成功的合作,例如“又见”系列作品,建筑营造了强烈的场所感。能否谈谈建筑、艺术与城市空间的关系?

第二部分 关于建筑师与城市设计
Q6 能否请您谈谈在中国现有的设计院体制下,如何开展城市设计工作?
Q7 在您看来,建筑师在城市设计中扮演的角色体现在哪些方面?
Q8 我们知道您在建筑院校教授课程,请问您如何向学生传授建筑理念?如何帮助学生理解建筑与城市的关系?
Q9 最后,请您谈谈对中国城市设计发展的展望。从城市设计视角,您对年轻人有何期望?
Abstract:PART 1 About Architecture and Urban Design Practice
Q1 Could you please talk about the relationship between architecture and city?
Q2 What is your ideal urban form? What is the ideal state of Beijing city?
Q3 We know that you have been actively exploring the revitalization of the old city of Beijing, and also organized a number of related exhibitions. What do you think of the city’s current renovation works?
Q4 We know that you have designed many public buildings. Can you talk about how do you deal with urban space in your project?
Q5 We know that you have had a lot of successful cooperation with the artist, such as series works of “Encore”, in which you create a strong spirit of place. Can you talk about the relationship between architecture, art and urban space?

PART 2 About Architects and Urban Design
Q6 Could you please talk about how to start urban design under the existing design institute system in contemporary China?
Q7 What are your expectations for architects’ role in the work of urban design?
Q8 We know you are teaching in architecture schools. How do you pass on the ideas of city to your students?
Q9 At last, could you please talk about your vision of urban design for future China? What expectation do you have for architects, planners, and especially young people?
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