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李晓东 · 说
[受访人] 李晓东
[采访人] 商   谦   陈梓瑜
LI Xiaodong: TALK
[Interviewee] LI Xiaodong#br# [Interviewer] SHANG Qian, CHEN Ziyu#br# Tanslated by SHANG Qian (from Chinese to English)
[Interviewee] LI Xiaodong
[Interviewer] SHANG Qian, CHEN Ziyu
Tanslated by SHANG Qian (from Chinese to English)

第一部分 建筑与城市实践
Q1 您的建筑创作理念有很强的地域性,体现出您以前所谈到的自省的地域主义这样一个特点,怎样理解这种特点?
Q2 能否结合您的建筑作品谈一谈这样的理念?
Q3 您曾经研究过高密度居住的问题,能否就高密度城市谈谈您的看法?
Q4 您曾提出“从m2到m3—微生活”的设计构想,能否谈谈这种在高密度城市中的居住模式?
Q5 能否谈谈您心中的理想城是什么样的?
Q6 这样的小城市在中国是怎样的情况?
Q7 您谈到了北京城,作为一座特大城市,北京城市中有没有哪些空间令您印象深刻?请举例说明。

第二部分 教学与城市设计
Q8 您一直担任建筑设计课的指导教师,城市设计是建筑学一级学科的重要方向,请您谈谈对城市设计学科的理解。
Q9 目前中国有不少城市已经对城市空间品质提出更高要求,国家也在大力提倡城市设计,您对此有什么看法?
Q10 最后,请您谈谈对中国城市设计发展的展望。从城市设计视角,您对年轻人有何期望?

Abstract:PART 1 About Architecture and Urban Design Practice
Q1 There is a strong regionalism in your architectural ideas which reflect the introspective regionalism, a feature you had talked before, and so how to understand it?
Q2 Can you further clarify this idea regarding your architectural works?
Q3 You had studied high density houses, and would you talk about your views on high density cities?
Q4 You have proposed design ideas about from “m2 to m3: Micro-life”, and is it the kind of the residential model in the high density cities?
Q5 What is the ideal city in your mind?
Q6 How about such small cities in China?
Q7 As you mention Beijing as a megacity and are there some spaces impressing you deeply? Please give us an example.

PART 2 Teaching and Urban Design
Q8 You are always a tutor of supervising architectural design course, and urban design is an important direction of architecture as the first-level discipline, What is your understanding of urban design as a subject?
Q9 A lot of cities in China require high quality urban space and the nation al government advocates urban designing. How do you think about such situation?
Q10 In the end, do you have any idea about the development of China’s urban design? From the urban design perspective, what is your expectation from the young people?
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