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[受访人] 赵元超 [采访人] 陈 茜 詹皓安
ZHAO Yuanchao·TALK about Xi’an City
[Interviewee] ZHAO Yuanchao [Interviewer] CHEN Xi, ZHAN Haoan Tanslated by ZHAN Haoan, CHEN Xi (from Chinese to English)
摘要 Q1 立足于这片土地,首先想请您谈谈历史丰厚的古都西安的文化特色及其对塑造城市空间的影响。 Q2 西安是座特色鲜明的城市,您认为西安有哪些充满活力的公共空间?它们在城市中是如何发挥作用的? Q3 请您谈谈对西安旧城保护与城市发展的看法。 Q4 渭河是西安的母亲河,请您谈谈对西安城市滨水空间的看法。 Q5 您认为西安居民的生活习惯有何特性?这种特性对城市空间的形成和使用会产生什么影响? Q6 刚才您也提到了外来人口的情况,那么您认为游客与外来人口对西安城市特色塑造有何影响? Q7 请您谈谈以张锦秋大师为代表的唐风建筑对西安城市整体风貌的影响。 Q8 请您列举一例西安最具特色的场所,并说明理由。 Q9 在谈了很多西安这一历史古城的旧城问题之后,也想请您谈谈对西安新城建设的看法。
Abstract:Q1 First of all, please talk about the culture features about the ancient city, Xi’an, and its impact on creating city spaces. Q2 Xi’an is a distinctive city, please introduce some energetic public spaces and how they function in the city. Q3 Can you talk about your opinion about conservation and development of Xi’an? Q4 The Wei river is the mother river of Xi’an, please talk about your opinion of city waterside spaces in Xi’an. Q5 What’s the feature of Xi’an people’s living habit? How does it effect the formation and usage of city spaces? Q6 You have mentioned about the migrants, how do the migrants and tourists impact the city feature of Xi’an? Q7 Please talk about the Tang-style architectures represented by master Zhang Jinqiu and its influence on the overall style of Xi’an city. Q8 Please pick a most distinctive place in Xi’an and explain the reasons. Q9 After talking about the old town of Xi’an as a historical city, please talk about your opinion of Xi’an’s new town construction.
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