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纽约巴特利公园城城市活力解析及对上海黄浦江 沿岸地区提升的建议
杨春侠 韩 琦 耿慧志
Urban Vitality Analysis of Battery Park City, NY and Waterfront Quality Rasing Measures along Huangpu River, SH
YANG Chunxia, HAN Qi, GENG Huizhi
摘要 城市滨水区的活力是重要议题。巴特利公园城是纽约最具城市活力的滨水区之一,基于交通量、行为地图、跟 踪等调研数据,研究其慢行与驻留活动特征,探索支持这些特征的物质空间要素,之后对保障城市活力的滨水 区可达性支持进行剖析。以上述研究为借鉴,结合上海黄浦江沿岸现状提出提升城市活力的建议。最后指出, 将城市腹地与滨水公共空间连结成完整的体系,滨水区活力才有持久支撑。
关键词 滨水城市活力慢行驻留物质空间因素    
Abstract:The urban waterfront activity is an important issue. Battery Park City is one of the most active waterfront areas of New York. Firstly, it utilizes survey data of BPC, exploring which physical spatial factors support such characteristics and fnding some key things that infuence waterfront vitality. Secondly, it discusses the accessiblity support of Manhattan to BPC. Based on these, and considering the current problems of typical waterfront areas along Huangpu River of Shanghai, it proposes several strategies to improve urban vitality. Finally, it points out that only when the public spaces of inner-city and waterfronts are combined to be the whole system, the waterfront vitality is possiblely lasting for a long time.
Key wordsWaterfront    Urban vitality    Slow-trafc    Lingering    Physical spatial factor
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