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新加坡新市镇的绿色低碳系统化解决方案 ——以榜鹅新镇为例
董 珂 范嗣斌 刘力飞
Green and Low-carbon Systematic Solutions for New Towns in Singapore: Taking Punggol New Town as an Example
Ke Dong, Sibin Fan, Lifei Liu
摘要 绿色低碳和高质量发展是响应党的二十大报告“加快发展方式绿色转型”要求的重要举措,绿色低碳城镇是实 现“双碳”目标的主要实践地。本文梳理了新加坡新市镇发展历程,以第五代新市镇榜鹅新镇为例,解析其绿 色低碳规划建设理念与技术。从绿色社区、绿色建筑、绿色生态、绿色技术4个方面分析新加坡建设绿色低碳 新镇、宜居宜业新镇、兼顾技术与艺术前沿新镇的发展路径,对于我国新时期建设绿色低碳城市,以及推动保 障性住房、城镇公共交通、基础设施建设等方面的协调发展提供思路借鉴。
关键词 绿色低碳可持续发展保障性住房低碳城市规划新加坡    
Abstract:Green, low-carbon, and high-quality development is an important measure to respond to the requirements of the Report to the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China to “accelerate the green transformation of the development model”. Green, low-carbon, and livable towns are the main approach to achieve the “dual carbon” goals. By sorting out the development history of new towns in Singapore, this article takes the Punggol New Town, a representative of the fifth-generation new towns, as an example to study its green and low-carbon planning and construction concepts and technologies. Through the perspectives of green units, green buildings, green ecology, and green technology, this article analyzes Singapore’s path to build a new town that applies green and low-carbon planning methods, a new town that is livable and friendly for business, and a new town that considers the cutting-edge technology and art. This article provides insights for green and low-carbon cities, and for the coordinated development of affordable housing, urban public transportation, and infrastructure construction during the new period of our nation.
Key wordsGreen and Low-carbon    Sustainable Development    Affordable Housing    Low-carbon Planning    Singapore
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