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The Adaptability Analysis and Recommendations of Green Building Evaluation Standards in the Renovation of Bungalow Courtyards in Beijing’s Old City
Jingjing Wang, Xiujiao Song, Yue Zhang, Jiyun Miao, Wangzai Yu
摘要 在国家“双碳”战略目标下,针对北京老城平房院落更新改造难以达到绿色建筑高等级评价、难以有力支撑首 都功能核心区落实双碳目标的工作任务等问题,从老城街巷肌理尺度、平房院落空间格局、社区运维绿色转型 等方面出发,逐条分析现有绿色建筑评价标准的安全耐久、健康舒适、生活便利、资源节约和环境宜居5个类 别、100个评价条目在北京老城的适应性并提出删改建议。对探索构建匹配北京老城平房院落的绿色评价新体 系具有参照意义,对全国各地老城区的绿色低碳更新具有普适借鉴意义。经分析,有17项条目建议剔除,11项 条目建议调整,另建议新增“砖木结构延寿利用、院落空间格局传承、功能适宜性提升、立面风貌协调”4个 评分项条目。
关键词 绿色建筑评价标准北京老城平房院落更新改造适应性分析    
Abstract:Under the national “dual carbon” strategy, addressing the challenges of achieving high-level green building certification and effectively supporting the implementation of dual carbon goals in the renovation of the bungalow courtyards in the core area of Beijing’s Old City is crucial. This paper focuses on the scale of the old city’s street and alley texture, spatial layout of bungalow courtyards, and the green transformation of community development. It systematically analyzes the adaptability of 100 evaluation items from the existing green building evaluation standards in the Old City of Beijing, categorized into safety and durability, health and comfort, convenience of life, resource conservation, and environmental livability, then provides suggestions for modification. This has reference value in exploring the establishment of a new green evaluation system that matches the bungalow courtyards in the Old City of Beijing and provides universal guidance for green and low-carbon renewals in historic urban areas nationwide. Based on the analysis, it is recommended to remove 17 items, adjust 11 items, and add 4 evaluation items——“utilization of brickwood structures, inheritance of courtyard spatial layout, enhancement of functional suitability, and coordination of facade style”.
Key wordsGreen building evaluation standard    The Old City of Beijing    Bungalow courtyard    Renewal transformation; Adaptability analysis
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