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长三角一体化战略下的江南水网地区流域生态保护 与高质量发展研究 ——以太浦河流域为例
柳巧云 谷鲁奇
Study on Ecological Protection and High Quality Development of Jiangnan Water Network Area Under Yangtze River Delta Integration Strategy: Take Taipu River Basin as an Example
Qiaoyun Liu, Luqi Gu
摘要 在长三角生态绿色一体化发展背景下,如何打破行政区划藩篱,推动形成生态保护与高质量发展的新路径成为 全新议题。本研究以位于长三角生态绿色一体化示范区的太浦河流域为例,在分析其在新发展时期面临关键问 题的基础上,综合应用水文、生态、规划等综合技术解决江南水网地区的复杂问题,提出流域生态保护与高质 量发展的系统性、针对性解决方案,并尝试将研究结论与政策措施相衔接,探索“研究—项目”及“研究—政 策”转化路径。
关键词 长三角一体化流域生态保护高质量发展太浦河    
Abstract:In the context of eco-green integrated development in the Yangtze River Delta, how to break the barriers of administrative divisions and promote the formation of a new path of ecological protection and high-quality development has become a new issue. This paper takes the Taipu River Basin, which is located in the eco-green integration demonstration zone of the Yangtze River Delta, as an example. Based on the analysis of the key problems, it faces in the new development period. This study applies comprehensive technologies such as hydrology, ecology and planning to solve the complex problems in the Jiangnan water network area, and proposes systematic and targeted solutions for the basin ecological protection and high-quality development. And put forward two transformation paths includeing “research-project” and “research-policy”, so that the research can provide guidance for the formulation of public policies.
Key wordsYangtze River Delta integration strategy    Basin ecological protection    High-quality development    Taipu River
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