Urban Design
WANG Huifang·TALK about Changsha City
[Interviewee] WANG Huifang [Interviewer] YANG Tao Tanslated by LI Siyu
Abstract:Q1 Changsha is a national historical and cultural city. What do you think are the charming urban spaces in Changsha? What roles do they play in the city? Q2 In respect of the old city of Changsha, can you talk about the relationship between cultural heritage and urban development? Q3 Changsha has a long history and has many commercial districts. Please talk about the districts among them that you consider the most representative. What is their impact on Changsha? Q4 What impact do you think the construction of Xiangjiang New District has on the overall urban space development in Changsha? Q5 What interests do you think Changsha residents have in their lives? What positive impact does this have on shaping urban space traits? Q6 As a “Red” tourist city, how do you think Changsha’s urban space can be affected by tourists? Q7 Please tell us about one of the most distinctive places in Changsha. What is its reference value to urban design?
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